2008 iMac Upgrade to SSD

BeforeSSDUpgradeRecently my 2008 iMac has been seeming a bit sluggish and the hard drive was showing very slow read and write speeds.  The current hard drive was a 2010 1TB Western Digital Black.  This drive was showing around 40MB/s read and write speeds so I decided it was time to replace the drive.  I ended up finding a good deal on a Sandisk Extreme II 120GB SSD from Newegg.com.  I ordered the drive and received it a few days later.  I knew going into this upgrade that I wouldn’t get the full speed of the SSD because the 2008 iMac is limited to SATA II but the SSD should be a good upgrade over the spinning drive.AfterSSDUpgrade

After installing the new SSD I ran the same benchmark test that I ran on the Western Digital Black.  The speeds are a lot better and are on par with what I expected with the SATA II limitation.  The SSD showed read and write speeds of over 200MB/s and programs open much quicker then they have in the past.

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